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Once upon a time YAYA Creative was the go-to agency when brands, artists and companies desired poppy, colourful and fun advertising art. The brothers Peter and Filip Cederholm ran the company with a bunch of creative friends. Peter had the brains and Filip was the artist.
It all started back in 2004 and the fairytale lasted until 2010, when the two brothers decided to move on to new adventures. Peter headed off to Asia as a diplomat and trade commissioner for Business Sweden, taking on the responsibility for the Indo China territory and later started a trading company

Tick Tock Consulting.

Filip, many thanks to his brother, got interested in CSR, twisted it to fit more into his own reality – Creative Social Responsibility – concluded to use his creativity to make a difference. He then started the global art project – ABC Charity, and  #CreateTheChange his new production company where he creates the change he want to see in the world.

And now, scroll down, enjoy some of the amazing work they create back in the YAYA days. If you need a hand with your next campaign and that your aim is in contributing to our wonderful planet, connect with Filip and he’ll be more than happy to support.


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